Making the World Recognize Chinese Communication Equipments

About HRUI

Founding Story

After visiting dozens of switch manufacturers, large and small, and cooperating with several switch manufacturers. He found that the switch products on the market generally have serious premiums for big brands, unstable and lack of technical support for small-brand products, which are far from the customers' demand for high cost performance, stability and durability, and perfect after-sales.

After that, he found the direction, determined to establish a switch company recognized by the world, through his own strong R&D and quality control capabilities to change the industry's existing ills, and change the inherent "cheap, low-level, and lack of" foreign customers to Chinese manufacturers. The stereotype of "technology" made the world recognize China's communication equipment, and eventually all fell in love with China's communication equipment.

In 2013, after he told his friend Tang Lingjun, who has many years of experience in switch research and development, of his ideas, the two hit it off and immediately founded "HRUI". Since the moment the brand was born, HRUI has taken "let the world recognize China's communication equipment" as its mission, "becoming a benchmark enterprise in the intelligent network communication industry" as its vision, and has always been "pursuing excellence and creating legends;" Create greater value for customers, provide a platform for employees to realize their dreams, and make due contributions to the society" is the concept of business development.

After years of precipitation, HRUI has now developed into a well-known manufacturer in the industry that can provide overall solutions for intelligent network communication products by integrating superior resources in the upstream and downstream industrial chains. HRUI is committed to providing one-stop services of software and hardware design, R&D, and production for domestic and foreign brands, so as to solve the problems of serious homogeneity of products in the switch market, lack of innovation in technology, and lack of technical support for many small and medium-sized brands, and help brand customers in More competitive in the high-end market.

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